Deep Light System 

Bringing sunlight to the deepest places


To revolutionize the vertical farming industry by developing and providing an ecological and sustainable grow-light system that is entirely carbon emission free, aiming to enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption, and improve the agricultural ecosystem.

What are we doing?

Deep Light system collects sunlight and transmits it through optical fibers, to illuminate vertical farms as grow-light, complemented by AI-driven software optimizing the blend of natural and artificial grow-light for optimal plant growth.

•Implementing an eco-friendly and sustainable enhanced lighting system.

•Decreasing expenses and final product cost by reducing energy consumption

•Mitigating heat generation from the lighting.

About Us

Nima Pirmoradian
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ali Bardideh
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Sohrab Behrouzian
Chief Information Officer (CIO)